When was I conceived?

A simple and instant way to find out when you were conceived.

When did I conceive?

If you're a parent you can also use this calculator to find out when your child may have been conceived. It works the same way - just enter your child's birthday and you'll instantly get a date of conception.

How accurate is this?

It's really only a rough guess and so this calculator should only be used for curiosity. An average gestation period of 38 weeks is used to calculate the conception date.

Why did I build this?

For those people asking "if I was born on X, when was I conceived?" and wanting a quick answer (without having to count backwards 38 weeks from their birthday). There's no need to scroll through 3 drop down lists to pick day, month and year - you just type in a date like "1st October 1988" and the calculator does all the work.

When were some interesting people conceived?

We're all curious about how old famous actors and actresses are. We love knowing when they were born. Now, we're telling you when they were conceived.